Adventures in Mixology: The Picasso Martini

Pablo Picasso was probably one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. So, what better way is there to pay tribute to him then to name a martini after him? Now, the martini should never be messed with, one should stick to gin and vermouth. OK, you could make a vodka martini if gin’s not your thing. So, how do you create a truly special martini in tribute to a great Cubist artist? It’s simple, just think cube.Colin Peter Field invented this cocktail in 2000 when he was bartender at the Ritz in Paris. In this recipe, the vermouth is added to the gin via an ice cube made from distilled water and dry vermouth.

The Picasso Martini

  • 2 and a half ounces chilled gin.
  • 1 cube dry vermouth

Pour the gin into a cocktail glass. Lightly drop the vermoth ice cube into the glass.


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