Bad Music Spotlight: German Disco and A Potential Existential Question

This is Scooter. They’re a highly popular German techno trio. Amongst there hits are “We Are The Greatest”, “Jumping All Over The World”, “The Question is What is the Question” and the epicly named “Fuck the Millenium.” In my opinion though, “How Much is The Fish?” is their masterwork.

When I was first shown this clip I thought it was just okay, nothing to write home about. That was until the chorus kicked in and suddenly an angry looking Aryan was inquiring about the cost of trout and guppy. By the time the song got to the la la la break down I was sold. And when it all wrapped with a cryptic mention of ressurection, I was not just sold, I had already bought it and installed it in my home.

Fun Fact: Scooter once had members named Ferris Bueller and Jay Frog.


About Michael Darling
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