In Which I Live Blog My Thoughts On The “Alejandro” Video

Lady Gaga is a pop star who has brought back the over the top theatricality that used to be so prevalent in pop music. Between her outrageous wardrobe choices and her music videos, Gaga has created a unique artistic vision. In early June, Gaga released the video for her latest single “Alejandro.”  I had heard reports that it surpassed the crazed heights of the amazingly bonkers “Telephone” video, so now, a few weeks after it was released, I’ve finally found the time to watch the video. The following is my reaction as I watched it:

00:2 This font makes me want a Citizen Gaga style poster.

1:05 Anyone else thinking of the face stretching scene in Brazil?

1:29 Kato, the Green Hornet’s looking for you.

1:47 That is one big strawberry.

2:04 You know, the same thing happened at Stalin’s funeral.

2:30 I think she’s covering Ace of Base. “Don’t turn around, cause you’re gonna see my heart breaking…”

3:31 Ale-ale-oxen-free!

4:36 Ladies and gentlemen, the Moe Howard Chippendales.

4:48 I think that guy was having a seizure, I hope he’s okay.

5:16 Woman in a latex nun’s habit swallowing beads, so many fetishes going on here.

5:44 Beauty’s where you find it, like in the Vogue video.

6:22 Assault rifle bra. There is nothing I can say about it that can make it funnier.

7:15 And all Fascist Taylor Lautner can do is watch.


Final Thoughts: Well, I’ll be honest, I was kind of expecting more. Yeah, it was out there, but on the Gaga scale of bizarre, it was pretty tame.


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