Meet Pope Michael

What do you do if you think that over the last century the Vatican has become too modern? Well, if you’re a small group of Catholics from Kansas, you elect your own Pope.

Such is the story of David Bawden, a man from Delia, Kansas who since July of 1990 has been known as Pope Michael I. According to Pope Michael and his followers, Pope Pius X condemned modernism and as such all modernist Popes are heretics. Amongst Michael’s claims against the Roman Popes is a performance by “immodestly clad acrobats” for Pope John Paul II.

In 1990 Kansas resident Teresa Stanfill-Benns wrote an article in a small Traditionalist Catholic newsletter calling for all Catholics to come together to elect a new Pope. When the vote was held, there were only six voters, including Bawden and his parents. After a very brief conclave, Bawden was elected Pope.

Interestingly, in the years following Bawden’s election as Pope, Stanfill-Benns has since distanced herself from Pope Michael and has written about the illegitimacy of his papacy.

If you have any interest in further information about Pope Michael, he has a blog called The Vatican in Exile.


Wolverine’s Mutan Power

Comics fans have often commented on the irony of so called lone wolf superhero Wolverine being a part of not just one but at least three superhero teams. In a recent issue of the New Avengers, writer Brian Michael Bendis addressed this issue head on. For context, team leader Luke Cage is trying to convince Fantastic Four member The Thing to join the New Avengers. Team members Ms. Marvel and Jessica Jones express their feeling that Thing’s already busy with the Fantastic Four, but Wolverine says it’s possible to be in several teams at once.

Superman’s Retirement

What happens when you mash-up the Superfriends, Mr. T’s animated series and Rocky III? Well, youtube user TheCommodore1 has answered that question with hilarious results.

Titanic II is Coming

As a connoisseur of trash cinema, I have become quite familiar with the Asylum. The Asylum is an independent studio that specializes in “mockbusters,” films that are essentially rip-offs of established films. Titles released by the Asylum include Snakes on a Train, The DaVinci Treasure and Transmorphers.

Well, yesterday The Asylum announced their next film: Titanic II. Written, directed and starring Dick Van Dyke’s son Shane. The plot is simply that one hundred years after the Titanic disaster, a second ship bearing the name is launched on the same route. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well.

This is a film where someone actually says “Looks like history’s repeating itself.”

Here’s the trailer:

The Greatest Video On The Web

Okay folks, I think I might now have to agree with Prince’s assessment that the internet is over because truly it can do no better than this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, a dog riding a lawn mover. Truly, the web has reached its apex.

The Inevitable Inception/Yo Dawg Meme

Hello visitor, thanks for coming to the Inception meme. Why don’t you take a look around the rest of this fine blog? -Michael

Souvenirs in Perspective

Flickr user Michael Hughes has created a rather clever gallery of travel photos. Rather than take the typical photos of monuments and tourist sites, the photographer instead inserted souvenir reproductions of these places into the photos in perfect scale with the actual monument. It’s really quite clever and I suggest you give it a look.