Alternate Universe Comic Book Movies

What if in 1976 Clint Eastwood starred as Wolverine in a Sam Peckinpah production? How about a version of The Matrix starring Bruce Lee and Sidney Poitier? Could I perhaps interest you in Tim Curry as the Joker or Marlon Brando as Lex Luthor? Well, an artist named Hartter has imagined all of these films and many more. Hartter has created a series of retro posters for many superhero and sci-fi films from an alternate universe featuring some of the top talent of the 1970s.

Check it out here.


The Photoshop Bobble Head Disaster

This is a magazine cover featuring Mariska Hargitay, the actress best known for starring in Law and Order: SVU. Apparently her head is as big as her body.

Thanks to PhotoshopDisasters for this catch.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix

Recently, I’ve come to enjoy mash-up movie trailers that take the dialogue from one movie and the footage from another. In that vein, today we have an amazing one called Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Matrix. Youtube user AEmovieguy describes the plot as follows:

Once upon a time, while serving as battery fodder for machines who’ve imprisoned the human race to a cyber reality, Scott Neo Pilgrim met his dreamgirl, Ramona Trinity Flowers, at a Canadian collegian party for 30-year-old drug and prostitution ringers. Upon being freed from The Matrix, Pilgrim seeks out Miss Flowers, oblivious to the fact that Morphew Patel, the very man who took Pilgrim in, is an ex-boyfriend of hers. Enraged after seeing Pilgrim and Flowers getting flirtatious at the yearly Zion Stock, Patel challenges Pilgrim to a dojo duel for Flower’s hand. Following a narrow victory over Patel, Pilgrim has earned his trust and an explanation: Miss Flowers has Seven Evil Exes that Pilgrim must defeat to prove his heart muscle…but, hey, they can make out!

Bad Day At Work

Look on the bright side, no matter how crappy your job might be, at least you didn’t knock over a bunch of lockers like dominoes.

The 2010 Emmys Opening

The Emmys aired last night on NBC and had perhaps the best award show opening number in recent memory. In this clip, host Jimmy Fallon runs into the kids from Glee and before you know it Tina Fey and other stars join in the fun. Watch it for yourself to see who shows up. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by naming names, but let’s just say that Dick Whitman has some pipes.


Pranksters at MIT struck again the other day when they placed the TARDIS, the time machine from Doctor Who, on the roof of the MIT building at 77 Massachusetts Avenue. has a short story about it. Meanwhile, for a full gallery of MIT pranks and “hacks,” check out this very entertaining website.

Bob Marley “Is This Love”

Honestly, how sweet would it be if Bob Marley and the Wailers played at your birthday party?