The Crazy Crab: Baseball’s Anti-Mascot

In the early 1980s, almost every baseball team had a mascot. You see, after the widespread success of the San Diego Chicken, the Padres’ unofficial mascot, every other team in the league thought it would be a good idea to have a “wacky” mascot. Unfortunately, none of these mascots had the same anarchic charm that the Chicken possessed.

The San Francisco Giants management saw this trend and wanted no part in it. However, it was soon decided that they would create a mascot, but it would be the first mascot you were meant to despise. Thus the Crazy Crab was born.

When the Crazy Crab was unveiled in 1984, fans were encouraged to boo it when it appeared at Giants games. Unfortunately, this tactic worked too well and Giants fans started throwing things at the crab. The costume had to be reinforced with fiberglass. At the end of the 1984 season, the Crazy Crab was retired with few complaints.

However, this was not the end for the Crab. In recent years, the Crab has made periodic appearances at Giants games. The Crab made an appearance in 1999 for the Giants last game at Candlestick Park. Of course, when he was met with boos from the Giants faithful he said “I hope the Dodgers sweep you.” That remark was met with boos, laughter and even more things being thrown at the mascot.

Also, over the past three years, Giants have held Crazy Crab promotional nights. During these games, the Crab would appear every so often and receive his usual ovations. At the 2008 Crazy Crab night, a Crazy Crab bobble head was given to fans. Additionally, a seafood stand at AT&T Park (the Giants’ current home field) is called The Crazy Crab.

Here’s a commercial from 1984 depicting the Crab receiving a warm welcome from San Francisco fans.


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