The Ghost Busters (1954)

Last month, we showed you a “premake” from Youtube user whoiseyevan. For those of you unfamiliar with the process, premakes are fake film trailers that ask what a movie would look like if made several years earlier than when it was actually released. Whoiseyevan has struck gold again with another premake that asks what the classic 1984 film Ghostbusters would look like if made in 1954. Rather than showcasing the comedic talents of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and the rest of the cast, this fake ’50s version stars Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Fred McMurray. Whoiseyevan has made some rather clever clip choices in this premake. The Bob Hope footage comes from the 1940 film The Ghost Breakers and the Martin & Lewis clips are taken from their 1953 comedy Scared Stiff. What makes this funny is that both of these films are based on Cecil B. DeMille’s 1914 silent film The Ghost Breaker.


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