The Sexy Elmo Costume Exists…And It’s A Thing of Terror

I’ve always found “sexy” Halloween costumes a bit strange. Yeah, I can get that someone might want to dress a bit risque, but the whole methodology behind these costumes has struck me as odd. It’s like costume manufacturers are saying “Hey women, not only are we going to limit your costume options to traditionally female occupations, we’re also going to see how objectifying we can make ’em.”

Anyway, over at Comics Alliance, there’s a gallery of bizarre “sexy” costumes. Interestingly, most of these are based off of male characters and I’d pay good money to hear a gender studies expert discuss these costumes. The weirdest, as this article’s headline suggests, is a “Sassy Elmo” costume. Comics Alliance writer Chris Sims describes it like this: “If you take away the hat — which totally makes it look like this girl defeated Elmo in ritual combat and is wearing his skin as a trophy — this would make a pretty good costume for Sexy My Grandparents’ Couch.”

Check out the full bizarre gallery here and the Elmo costume is down below.


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