Introducing the 2010 Advent Calendar

So, tomorrow is December 1st, which means it’s time to get in the holiday spirit. To that end, from December 1st to the 25th we’re going to post (at least) one (mostly) Christmas song a day. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be the same old holiday hits that you hear every year. Yeah, we’ll throw in a few classics here and there, but we’ve also got songs from the likes of Florence and the Machine, Kurtis Blow and even Stephen Colbert. So, check the blog┬ádaily (as you should already be doing.) to see what musical presents we unwrap for you. Here’s the Beatles with a taste of what’s to come.


Make Google Translate Beatbox

The internet is a wonderful thing. One enterprising user reddit user by the name of harrichr has discovered how to make Google Translate beatbox. Simply set the translation function to translate German to German. Then, enter the following phrase: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch. Click listen, and you’ve got Google Beatbox.

Check out the sample here.

Superheroes as Hello Kitty…For Some Reason

So, yeah…artist Andrew Mark Hunter has created a print that can only be described as strangely interesting. It’s a print depicting thirty images of Hello Kitty dressed as different superheroes and movie characters. If you’ve ever wanted to see Hello Kitty as the Terminator, Iron Man, Spock or Sweeney Todd, then Hunter is your man. Check out the full print here where you can order it as a wall print or even an iphone case.

Leslie Nielsen in “Police Squad”

As you’re likely aware, Leslie Nielsen died yesterday. Nielsen led a rather interesting career as an actor. He started out as a serious dramatic actor, but after the success he experienced after starring in the 1980 Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker film Airplane, he switched almost full time to comedic parts. In 1982, the ZAZ team would team up with Nielsen again for an ABC television series called Police Squad. Police Squad was a brilliant parody of 1960s and ’70s cop shows and was so clever that ABC canceled it after six episodes. The show is full of rapid fire jokes, lines with double meanings and background humor all of which keeps Police Squad funny to this day. Leslie Nielsen would later portray Sgt. Lt. Detective Frank Drebin in the three Naked Gun films, also created by Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker. All six episodes are on Youtube and we’ve got the first one here.


Iggy Pop & Debbie Harry “Well, Did You Evah”

The 1990 record Red Hot + Blue was a collection of Cole Porter covers by rock and rap performers, with the proceeds going to support AIDS charities. The record featured performances by U2, The Jungle Brothers, David Byrne and this fun collaboration between CBGBs heroes Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry. For their song, Pop and Harry covered “Well, Did You Evah” from Porter’s 1939 musical Du Barry Was A Lady. However, the song was not made famous until Porter reused it for the film High Society, in which it was performed by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

Pop and Harry’s version gives the song a punk-poppy style, and the video is directed by Repo Man and Sid and Nancy director Alex Cox.

Black Friday Gift Guide: What Do You Get The Top Grossing Film of All Time (in 1998)?

It’s 1998 and James Cameron’s Titanic has surpassed George Lucas’ Star Wars: A New Hope as the top grossing film of all time. To congratulate Cameron on his film’s achievement, Lucas took out a full page ad in Variety depicting characters from the Star Wars trilogy standing on the Titanic as it sinks. This was an extension of a tradition between Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It started when Star Wars surpassed Jaws as the top grossing film of all time, and Spielberg took out an ad in Variety depicting R2D2 reeling in Spielberg’s titular shark. Later when E. T. surpassed Star Wars, Lucas took out an ad showing R2 presenting a crown to E. T. Finally, in 1997 when the Special Edition of A New Hope took back the number one spot, Spielberg ran an ad with E. T. restoring the crown to R2’s dome. Star Wars would hold on to the number one spot for about a year until Cameron and his doomed ship came along, at which point Lucas had this clever ad published in Variety. And no, when Cameron’s Avatar surpassed Titanic, Cameron did not take an ad out congratulating himself.

Black Friday Gift Guide: Bottle of Wine Glass

So you’ve decided to cut back on your drinking and are going to limit yourself to “one glass of wine.” Well, Vat19 has a product that raises new questions about what defines “one glass of wine.” Their Bottle of Wine Glass stands 9 inches tall and has a 3.5 inch diameter and can hold the contents of an entire 750 milliliter bottle of wine. Check it out here.