Apollo Astronaut Insurance

When you think about it, the Apollo missions to the moon were impossible to get insurance for. With all of the risks that needed to be taken so humans could walk on the moon, no insurance company was stupid enough to insure the lives of the men who went up in space. So, what did NASA come up with to insure that the families of the astronauts would be taken care of in the event of tragedy? Autographed postcards.

Shortly before the launch of each moon mission from Apollo 11 to Apollo 16, the mission crew would sing their names on a few postcards illustrated with images related to the mission. The value of this piece was substantial already, but if the astronauts died in space, the value would go through the roof and would go for a lot of money on the auction block if the astronauts’ families chose to sell it. Thankfully, these “life insurance policies” were never cashed. Pictured at left is Buzz Aldrin’s Insurance Cover.

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