Mark Zuckerberg’s Friendster Profile

Hey, anyone remember Friendster? You know, the social network that was briefly popular before Myspace became popular and Facebook got started. Well, guess who’s on Friendster? If you read the headline, you know it’s Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.Yes, we’ve found his probably legitimate Friendster profile.

This profile was apparently created just six months prior to the launch of Facebook. There are some indicators that Zuckerberg was still briefly using Friendster after launching Facebook as “facebook” is listed as his company and as Zuckerberg puts it, “I go to school at Harvard, but I play at Stanford.” Zuckerberg’s interests include “asian girls,” “bad life decisions” and  “defeating nemeses.” Also, he apparently doesn’t read. Give his whole profile a view, it’s a fascinating brief look into the mind of a future billionaire.


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Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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