Ditz Magazine: Mad Men and Modern Men

As you’re probably aware from what you’ve seen on the blog, I’m a big fan of Mad Men. I recently wrote a piece for Ditz Magazine about the difference between masculinity as seen in Mad Men and modern society. Check it out over at the Ditz website. Here’s a sample:
However, as a male, what surprised me the most about the Mad Men ’60s was that aside from the casual racism and sexism, I actually preferred the mainstream masculinity to that of today. What we see on the show is a more cultured, sophisticated, urbane man than the “frat boy” culture that so dominates manhood these days. In their public life, the men of Sterling Cooper keep a sense of class and calm, whereas the bro-centric man culture of today is more aggressive and hostile, not just to women, but to the men it shapes. Men of today need to display a certain degree of testosterone, lest they be called some emasculating name.


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