The Puma Man

Are you looking for something to watch this holiday weekend? Well, how about a little film called Puma Man? It’s an Italian made, English language superhero film from 1980 about an American in England who turns out to be the reincarnation of the legendary Aztec demigod Puma Man.

Did we mention it’s terrible? Seriously, the poster straight up lies about what you’re getting yourself in to. Puma Man’s costume is actually worse than the one pictured, and no, the Death Star never appears on screen.

However, Puma Man does have such powers normally associated with pumas, such as flying…terrible, terrible flying.

Along the way, Puma Man and his Aztec priest sidekick, who actually does all of the work, fight Donald Pleasence and his papier mache models.

All in all, it’s a fairly crappy movie which is thankfully improved through the Mystery Science Theater 3000 experience. Conveniently the whole MST3K episode in which they watch Puma Man is available on Youtube. Here’s part one of this cinematic masterpiece.

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