Guy Dunks Basketball, Self

Anyone with the right combination of height and hops can dunk a basketball, but how many people can say that they have dunked themselves? Well, whatever that number was before (probably zero), you can now add one member of the Phoenix Sun’s Sol Patrol. During halftime at a recent game, this guy was doing high flying dunks with the rest of the Sol Patrol when he found himself following the ball in to the hoop. Check it out.


1994: The Today Show Doesn’t Know What The Internet Is

I love when old videos resurface that become hilarious in hindsight. Just a few days ago, video from 1994 surfaced of Bryant Gumbel, Katie Couric and Elizabeth Vargas expressing confusion about the internet. Gumbel is almost outraged about what the @ symbol stands for. Also, apparently the internet is a “computer billboard.” Let’s hope that none of us have to have the latest technological innovation explained to us on live TV.

Apparently Charles Xavier lives in Ohio

…and drives a Jeep.

Marvel Comics Tron Covers

As you might be aware, Marvel Comics is part of the Disney media empire. So, to promote the release of Tron: Legacy, Marvel released ten special covers for some of the comics released in November. The covers depicted some of Marvel’s more famous superheroes getting Tronified. Highlights include Wolverine with laser claws, a digitized Spider-Man and, of course, Ghost Rider speeding down the grid on a light cycle. It’s unlikely that your local comic shop will still have these limited variant covers, but you can check out all ten covers at Wired.

Kyle Bean’s Nesting Phones

In the over two decades that society has had cell phones, the devices have gotten smaller and smaller. English designer Kyle Bean drew inspiration from this phenomenon and created a Russian nesting doll style timeline of cell phone design. Each paper cell phone in Bean’s “Mobile Evolution” piece fits neatly inside the phone the chronologically preceded it.

Check out a video of Bean’s phones in action here and take a look at the rest of Bean’s work at his website.

Tetris Sugar Cubes

Russia is the homeland of Tetris, so it’s only fitting that Russian designer Danil Zdorov created these wonderful Tetris inspired sugar cubes. These sugar cubes are perfect for sweetening tea or coffee, or for just stacking on top of each other. Take a closer look at Zdorov’s sugar cubes on the Behance Network.

Drake & Florence “Fireworks/Cosmic Love”

We’re big fans of unexpected musical collaborations, so when we saw this we knew we had to post it. Earlier this month, Canadian rapper Drake was performing at London’s Hammersmith Apollo and was in the middle of performing his song “Fireworks” when he was joined by Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. Welch joined in on the song and then sang a bit of her beautiful song “Cosmic Love.” Here’s the best video we could find.