The Comics/Hip-Hop Connection

On the surface, Hip-Hop and comic books wouldn’t seem to have much in common. However, both have heavily mythologized golden ages and both largely deal with the adventures and exploits of men and women who use aliases. Method Man could certainly be a superhero name, and aren’t the Wu-Tang Clan really just a hip-hop Justice League?

Anyway, artist Kenny Keil has picked up on these similarities and has created a series he calls “Superhero Remix.” Keil’s taken over a dozen famous hip-hop album covers and mashed them up with comic book characters. The covers include a Public Enemy parody (left) starring the sentient planet Green Lantern Mogo, the DJ Jazzy Jeff album He’s The DJ reimagined as a record from Robin, the Boy Wonder and Uatu the Watcher as Tupac Shakur.

Check out the full gallery over at Keil’s flickr. A tip of the hat to Robot 6 for finding this.


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