The Captain America Musical That Never Was

Chances are you’re aware of the oft-delayed, actor injuring Spider-Man musical on Broadway right now. However, did you know that this isn’t Marvel Comics’ first attempt at a Broadway show? Over at Comics Alliance, writer Nick Nadel discovered that in 1985 Marvel was trying to launch a musical based on Captain America. However, the Sentinel of Liberty wasn’t going to be involved in traditional super-heroics. The Comics Alliance piece quotes a New York Times article about the musical:

The superhero will not, in fact, be particularly super when the curtain goes up. The book by Mel Mandel and Norman Sachs (who are also responsible for music and lyrics) has Captain A. going through a mid-life crisis. Fortunately, the action speeds up – his girlfriend, a candidate for President, is captured by terrorists and held hostage at the Lincoln Memorial.

Yeah…I guess I’m glad it didn’t make it to the Great White Way. Check out Nadel’s Comics Alliance piece about the show here.


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One Response to The Captain America Musical That Never Was

  1. Posky says:

    Dreams sometimes come true… and sometimes they don’t.

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