Fictional Coachella Poster

So, last week the official Coachella line up was announced. Prior to the official reveal, there were dozens of fake posters floating around the internet that claimed to be the true line up. In addition to all of these fraudulent posters, there was also one brilliant poster which depicted a line up of fictional bands. The performers on this poster, apparently created by Flickr user MIKE JONE$$$, include such acts as David Bowie alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Lisa Simpson, Sex Bob-omb (from the Scott Pilgrim books and movie) and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (from The Muppet Show). Funnily enough a few of these fictional bands, including Spinal Tap, Dethklok and The Blues Brothers have gone on tours in real life. However, the funniest detail of the poster is that the Gorillaz, the Damon Albarn led band that is depicted as animated characters, are actually playing Coachella. Check out the poster below and see how many you can name.


About Michael Darling
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