Up! (1965)

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that we’ve previously featured the “premake” trailers created by whoiseyevan. These fake movie trailers take footage from old movies and splice them together to create facsimiles of more recent pictures. Whoiseyevan’s previous works have included Ghostbusters as a 1950s comedy starring Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis and the upcoming Marvel Comics epic The Avengers as a 1930s adventure serial.

On Monday, whoiseyevan released a new premake based on the 2009 Disney-Pixar animated film Up. Whoiseyevan’s version stars Spencer Tracy as Carl Fredrickson, which is fitting as the design for Carl was partially based on Tracy. This mid-sixties version of Up would perfectly sit alongside such lovably goofy live action Disney comedies as The Nutty Professor, The Shaggy Dog and The Love Bug.


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