The Joker Rubik’s Cube Mosaic

Solving the Rubik’s Cube? Challenging. Arranging 336 Rubik’s Cubes in to a mosaic? Pretty insane. Well, David Alvarez stepped up to the challenge and has created an amazing Rubik’s Cube mosaic of Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. Alvarez was inspired by the work of street artist Space Invader who often deals uses cubes in his art. Check out the video and be astounded as Alvarez turns and solves all the Rubik’s Cubes to create this work of art.


Every Best Picture Winner (Except Last Night’s)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that last night was the Oscars. The King’s Speech became the eighty-third film to be named Best Picture. With eighty-two other winners, it’s hard to remember what has won in the past, so here’s a nice video showing the title cards from all of the Best Picture Winners prior to the The King’s Speech. Give the video a view and then alternately say “Oh, cool, that won” and “What the hell, that won?”

Jimi Will Save Us

A Field Guide To Redheads

Artist Ben Douglass has created this handy guide to the pop culture gingers in your life. If you like this, you can pick it up as a shirt today at shirt.woot. Check out Douglass’ website for more amusing art.

New York City Cabs of the Future?

Over the last few years, New York City has been holding a competition called “Taxi of Tomorrow” with the intent of finding a new design for their city cabs. The New York Times wasn’t too impressed with the competition’s finalists, so they commissioned artist and former Honda R&D guy Steven M. Johnson to create futuristic taxis with mostly practical features. Johnson’s designs include taxis that resemble buses,  a maximum security cab and a taxi with a built in bike tunnel. Check out all of Johnson’s designs in the NYT slide show. If you want to see the real “Taxis of Tomorrow,” go to the competition website.

IKEA Stonehenge Instructions

Stonehenge, once described by the philosophers of Spinal Tap as “where the demons dwell, where the banshees live and they do live well.” According to myth, Merlin the magician built Stonehenge with the aid of giants. But were you aware that Stonehenge was a product from ancient IKEA? Artists Justin Pollard, John Lloyd and Stevyn Colgan have uncovered the IKEA instructions for Stonehenge. We’ve posted the first part of the illustration, and the rest of it can be found at the Retronaut website here. Check it out.

George Carlin “The Modern Man”

In addition to being a brilliant comedian, George Carlin was a master of language. For most people, Carlin is perhaps best known for his “seven dirty words” routine in which he tries to determine what makes certain “dirty” words so offensive. In a similar vein is Carlin’s brilliant piece “The Modern Man” from his 2005 special Life Is Worth Losing. In this brilliant piece of word jazz, Carlin plays with the language of the early 21st century as he describes, amongst other things, how he’s an “alpha male on beta blockers.”