Arcade Fire, “Ready To Start” (Live)

“We’re going to play another song because we like music.”- Win Butler.

Typically, the Grammys are fairly irrelevant. However, last night they did the unthinkable and actually gave the Album of the Year trophy to the best nominee. Yes, Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs, released by North Carolina indie label Merge Records, beat out such record industry heavies as Katy Perry and Eminem. As L. A. Times critic Todd Martens said on the paper’s Pop and Hiss blog, “..the act with the most complex, thoughtful and adventurous album actually won the Grammy for album of the year. When was the last time that happened? Maybe 2004, when OutKast won for “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.”

So, what did the Canadian group do to celebrate after they shocked the Grammys and confused presenter Barbara Streisand and a bunch of morons on  Twitter? Well, they got back on their instruments for a surprise performance of “Ready to Start.” So, congrats to the Arcade Fire for proving that music can still sometimes win at the Grammys, and congrats to the Grammys for getting it right for once.

Now if only we could retroactively give those Lady Antebellum/”Need You Now” wins to Cee-Lo for “Fuck You.”


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