Edison’s Predictions for 2011

It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost completed two months of 2011. Time flies, doesn’t it? So, let’s reflect on this by going back to the year 1911 and seeing what Thomas Edison expected the world to be like one hundred years hence. Edison’s predictions were mostly accurate, with a few twists here and there. For example, he predicted the rise of steel in the use of building. However, he also predicted that by now most of our home furnishings would be made of steel. However, Edison did correctly predict the proliferation of airplanes:

But the traveler of the future, says a writer in Answers, will largely scorn such earth crawling. He will fly through the air, swifter than any swallow, at a speed of two hundred miles an hour, in colossal machines, which will enable him to breakfast in London, transact business in Paris and eat his luncheon in Cheapside.

Check out Edison’s predictions from the Miami Metropolis newspaper at the Paleofuture website.


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