Mrs. Miller, “Downtown”

Mrs. Elvira Miller was one of those weird pop culture phenomenons that comes along every so often. Much like Florence Foster Jenkins before her or William Hung, who would follow in her footsteps, Miller could not really sing. In fact, her lack of vocal ability was her claim to fame. Somehow, Miller found herself signed to Capital Records and 1966 saw the release of her debut record Mrs. Miller’s Greatest Hits. Strangely enough, her recording of Petula Clark’s “Downtown” became a modest hit at #82 on the Billboard charts and was passed around in music circles as the worst record ever released. This recording features Miller frequently losing her place in the song, changing the tempo, performing a hilarious whistle during the instrumental break and of course her patented vibrato all over the track. Enjoy?

About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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