Liveblogging My Response to Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

By now you’ve probably been exposed to the video for a song called “Friday” by a girl named Rebecca Black. This song is widely being described as the worst thing ever recorded. It’s the product of a company called the Ark Music Factory who specialize in helping teenagers start their music careers by separating their rich parents from their money. So, when I heard about this “song” and its banal lyrics and over-reliance on autotune, I knew I had to liveblog my thoughts as I watched it for the first time. Check it out after the video.

0:01: Oh dear lord, this is for real.

0:06: She looks like a refugee from the “Take On Me” video.

0:09: Please, don’t tarnish the good name of “Friday, I’m In Love” by including it in your video.

0:25: Her voice and unblinking eyes are giving me a Terminator vibe.

0:47: Rebecca asks “which seat can I take?” Clearly, her friends also hate her because they made her take the bitch seat.

0:56: She’s turned Friday in to at least three words.

1:16: White girls of the world, please do not rap.

1:36: To review, her weekend plans so far consist of figuring out where she’ll sit in her friend’s car.

2:12: I have to credit the songwriter(s) for using “it is” when most people would use a contraction.

2:16: Seizure causing flip book!

2:29: But, but, what comes after Sunday?

2:31: Wait, what? Why is middle-aged Usher here?

2:49: Fry E Day. Fry E Day. It’s a Party in the Fry E Day.

3:25 Middle-aged Usher’s just bopping his head to this sick Fry-E-Day beat.


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