North Korea’s Long Running TV Comedy

North Korea’s favorite state approved comedy program is one of the world’s longest running tv comedies. The show, It’s So Funny, features the antics of a male and female soldier as they talk about Kim Jong-Il and the virtues of living in North Korea. It’s So Funny has been running in North Korea since the birth of North Korea’s state run, and only, tv channel.  The average episode consists of a conversation between the two soldiers interspersed with singing, dancing and attempted slapstick. Despite the best efforts of everyone who’s involved, it seems the show is less than entertaining. As a Reuters report on the show says:

It opened with the man soldier saying to the woman soldier he feels better and looks more handsome because he has been taking medicine made from beans.

“If we soldiers see beans, we become happy,” he said and laughs. “If we farm in the way the General tells us, we will become happy,” she said and laughs.

Few of the soldiers in the audience could be heard laughing.

Well, it still sounds better than Shit My Dad Says. Check out a video of the show here and also read the full Reuters report here.


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