Denny Blazin, is he the worst rapper of all time?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your consideration as “worst rapper of all time,” Mr. Denny Blazin. Denny is a thin, middle class, mulleted white guy with access to a tinny drum machine.  At the start of his single “Average Homeboy,”” Denny says I’m not the typical rapper that you’ll meet.” You know what, I have to agree with Denny.  He’s definitely not a typical rapper because typical rappers have a sense of rhythm. Seriously, he makes Random Black Dude from the Rebecca Black video look like Jay-Z.

I’m not going to lie, when our European Correspondent Sarah Flocken sent me this, I almost considered turning it off about halfway through. However, because I am a dedicated blogger I stuck with it…and it is painful. Your life will probably be better if you don’t watch this, but then you will never know the combined horror and glory of Denny Blazin’s tone deaf and quasi-racist hip-hop skills.

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