Kik Tracee, Mrs. Robinson (Worst Cover Ever?)

In March, I posted what I considered to be the worst cover ever recorded, Mrs. Miller’s take on “Downtown.” Well, within a minute of my posting that, my friend Richie sent me a link to this cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson.” Now for those of you who don’t know them (i. e. most people), Kik Tracee was a late 80s hair metal band from Los Angeles. For some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to cover “Mrs. Robinson” on their 1991 record No Rules. The resulting cover is one of those songs which became dated the minute it was recorded. It oozes hair metal and strips the soul of the original Simon and Garfunkel version. It really is the kind of thing that grunge rock was created to destroy. Despite all that, I urge you to give this a listen just so you can experience the sheer horror.


Johnny Carson: Copper Clappers

I’m a big fan of Conan O’Brien’s shows, but let’s be real folks, Johnny Carson was the greatest late night host of all time. Carson could have fun with an interview, ad lib like crazy and just come up with some great comedic bits. Take for instance, the mad tongue twister bit he did with Dragnet star Jack Webb in 1968. As the story of stolen “copper clappers” goes on and the tongue twister gets sillier, Carson and Webb stay perfectly calm without letting on how absurd the sketch is getting. I’m doubt that even Colbert could keep a straight face doing this bit.

Royal Wedding Dalek

We tried to avoid talk about the royal wedding here, but we thought the following item was too inappropriate not to post. Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding cost about 20-billion pounds all while the British Economy is hurting. So, what better way to celebrate it than with a Dalek? Yes, a member of the destructive alien race from English sci-fi series Doctor Who who seek to exterminate all non-Dalek life. as Digital Spy reports:

Chris Balcombe, 51, has spent one week decorating his Dalek to tie in with the occasion. The Doctor’s nemesis has been painted red, blue and white and is covered with Union Jack flags and photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Furthermore, Chris attached a mechanical grip to the Dalek so it can hold trays of food and drinks.

Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art is selling a charming cocktail shaker designed to look like a can of spray paint. The shaker’s cap is even painted with an arrow like the top of an actual spray can. However, the best part of this shaker is that the removable label features instructions on how to make different cocktails. At the moment, the shaker is sold out, but it should be available again soon.

Sir Mitchell’s Parks & Rec Poster

Are you watching Parks & Recreation on NBC? No? Well, you really should as it’s probably the funniest show on television right now. Recently Los Angeles’ Paley Center for Media honored Parks & Rec with a panel at its annual Paleyfest. To mark this occasion, artist Sir Mitchell created this cool poster of the show’s cast. Mitchell, who is best know for painting last year’s “I’m With Coco” poster, adapted the original theatrical poster for Casablanca and gave it a decidedly Pawnee, Indiana spin.

Mitchell is selling the poster at his site, along with lots of other pieces of original art work. Check ’em out.

Truth In Advertising

I mean, yeah, I would hope so.

Li’l Thor

Remember the Nissan “Little Vader” commercial that aired during the Super Bowl? Well, to promote the upcoming release of the movie Thor, Marvel Comics has released a fun parody of the Vader commercial. In this new version, a kid dressed as Norse God of Thunder and Marvel superhero Thor wanders around his house as he tries to call down the lightning. The clip is a dead ringer for the original Nissan spot and also includes some nice Thor related Easter eggs, such as the license plate on Li’l Thor’s father’s car and the name on the dog bowl.