Queen Elizabeth’s (Fake) Twitter Feed

Let’s say you use Twitter and you want to follow the happenings of the British royal family. Now, you could either follow their official Twitter (@BritishMonarchy) or you could follow the fake exploits of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II on the hilarious @Queen_UK feed. Personally we recommend the later. While the official feed is announcing the changing of the guards, Elizabeth Windsor over at Queen_UK is making comments about English soccer player Wayne Rooney:

“Amazed to see Wayne Rooney swearing into a TV camera. One had absolutely no idea that he was capable of any kind of communication.”

Other tweets involve singing along with Queen after seeing a performance of We Will Rock You, dissolving the government of Canada and frequent invocations ofGin O’Clock.”

So, follow the Queen at Queen_UK on Twitter so you can stay informed about her latest adventures.

About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

One Response to Queen Elizabeth’s (Fake) Twitter Feed

  1. lancybabe says:

    The correct title for Queen Elizabeth II is “Her Majesty”, NOT “Her Royal Highness”, which is that for a Princess, and which title became defunct in H.M’s case when her father, the late King George VI died some (nearly) 60 years ago. Perhaps your blog promoter hasn’t yet caught up with the fact of H.M’s accession to the throne. Please correct. £ance.

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