The Cursed Honeymooners

Dear Stefan and Erika Svanstrom,

If you plan on doing any further tourism, please send out a press release to warn the rest of us.


The World

The happy couple seen on the right side of your screen are the Svanstroms. After the Swedish twenty-somethings got married they embarked on a four month honeymoon with their baby daughter. Their journey began on December 6th in Munich, Germany where they were briefly stranded by one of Europe’s worst ever snowstorms. From Munich, the trio traveled to Australia where they encountered one of the nation’s most dangerous cyclones in Cairns, flooding in Brisbane and bush fires in Perth.

Undeterred by the Australian continent’s repeated attempts on their lives, the Svanstroms then flew to Christchurch, New Zealand where they arrived shortly after the February 22nd magnitude 6.3 earthquake. After spending some time in New Zealand, the Svanstroms headed to Tokyo…just in time for the March 11th magnitude 9 earthquake to rock the islands. After all that, the Svanstrom family soldiered on to their final leg of the honeymoon, in China, where no known devastation occurred. As of March 29th, the Svanstroms are all safe at home in Stockholm and their marriage is going strong.

A tip of the hat to the Daily Telegraph for this story.

By the way, did I mention that Stefan Svanstrom had also survived the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that that hit South East Asia?


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