The Seven Worst-Dressed Batman Villains

Over at the comics site Newsarama, Alan Kistler has a weekly feature called “Agents of S.T.Y.L.E.” where he looks at superhero and supervillain costumes and fashion. It’s a pretty fun column and worth taking a look at, especially when Kistler’s friend Tim Gunn shows up.

Normally, Kistler traces the evolution of one character’s costumes. But last week, Kistler decided to mix things up a bit by looking at Batman’s worst dressed foes including one of my favorites, the Killer Moth (right). Killer Moth was originally designed to serve as an evil Batman type and his bright costume certainly reflects that. As Kistler puts it:

I know a couple girls who have knee high socks with that color pattern! Maybe Drury decided that an anti-Batman needs to be the opposite of intimidating, someone who would be invited to kids’ parties before guest-starring on Sesame Street.

Check out Killer Moth and six other villains in Kistler’s piece here and check out the complete “Agents of S.T.Y.L.E.” archives here.


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