Black Bar Glasses

So let’s say you’re planning on having a bit of naughty fun and you want to keep some plausible deniability that you were there, what will you do? Well, it seems the best way to keep some anonymity is through one of those black bars they use in photos to protect someone’s identity. I can hear you saying it now, “But they only add those in post-production. There’s no way I could have a real black anonymity bar.” Well, you were right until just recently.

Yes, now you can buy a pair of Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses. These handy sunglasses give you just the right amount of anonymity and are apparently perfect for “wedding parties, bachelor parties, club-hopping, questionable behavior and risqué situations.”

Buy the glasses at Perpetual Kid.


About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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