Amy Poehler’s Harvard Class Day Speech

Comedian and Parks & Recreation star Amy Poehler served as Harvard University’s Class Day Speaker Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, Harvard posted the whole speech to Youtube so we can all enjoy it. Poehler says she wrote address “the way  I wrote everything in college: Stayed up all night, typing on a Canon Word Processor while listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot.”

Poehler’s address touches on such graduation staples as conquering fears and following dreams, but also reminds the new grads that “everything you see in movies is true.” Poehler shared anecdotes about performing in chicken costumes, but also shares truthful reminders that we need other people to get by and to make things happen. “No one is here today because they did it on their own…Well, maybe Josh, but he’s just a straight up weirdo.”


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