Fireworks Boxing

Hey, it’s almost July 4th! Why not get ready with a round of fireworks boxing? Yes, apparently¬† in 1937, two men in London donned asbestos suits attached to firework bodies as part of a pyrotechnic display. Although this image was prominently displayed in an issue of Popular Science, it seems that fireworks boxing never caught on, which is a real shame if you think about it.

Thanks to io9 for this discovery.


Darth Vader Riding A My Little Pony

Yes, that’s Darth Vader the fearsome Sith Lord riding one of the My Little Ponies and apparently having a blast doing so. This image was dreamed up by a little girl named Sarah H. for her sixth birthday cake. Apparently, Sarah really likes Darth Vader and for the past few years she’s insisted on including Lord Vader in her birthday cake designs. The last two years, Sarah’s mother Jessica has submitted pictures of these cakes to the wonderful Cake Wrecks blog.

Check out all three of these wonderful Vader cakes at Cake Wrecks.

Cirque de Soleil First Pitch

Fans at San Diego’s Petco Park were treated to an amazing ceremonial first pitch on Monday night. Prior to the game between the San Diego Padres and the Kansas City Royals, Cirque du Soleil performer Gabryel Nogueira da Silva put a new “spin” on the first pitch. Watch as da Silva performs an incredible back flip and then lands a perfect strike. If only baseball was always this interesting…

Coffee Cup Mona Lisa

Every year, Sydney, Australia plays host to the the Rocks Aroma Festival. This festival bills itself as Australia’s biggest coffee festival. In 2009 the festival’s organizers decided to launch the event by creating a reproduction of the Mona Lisa using 4000 coffee cups. The organizers used a mix of black coffee, lattes and heavily milked coffee to create this version of the world’s most famous painting.

A Brief History of Video Games on the Simpsons

One of the fascinating things about the Simpsons‘ never ending run is the ability of the show to trace the history of certain media trends. If you were to just watch a reel of the show’s movie and tv parodies, you’d get a pretty good feel for what was happening in Hollywood in any given year. Over at, Peter Rubin has compiled a highly detailed look at the video games depicted on the show. The games include blocky 8-bit era boxing simulator Super Slugfest, extreme 90s fighting game Bonestorm and of course My Dinner With Andre: The Game.

Overall, it’s a pretty entertaining list and well worth checking out. However, there was one major omission from this game gallery and it’s one of the Simpsons‘ best: Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge. But don’t you worry, because we did what couldn’t and tracked down a video clip of that game. Anyway, check out the list here.

“Paranoid Android” via Youtube

Youtube is full of covers of pop songs, most of them are crap. However, a mixer named OHADI22 has taken these covers and turned them in to gold. OHADI22’s assembled a bunch of covers of Radiohead’s classic “Paranoid Android” and arranged them to play over each other. The combination of amateur singers, guitar players and at least one high school band create a brilliant rendition of the song which almost resembles the original Radiohead recording.

Justice League 1000

The Justice League is DC Comics’ premier superhero team, but what if the Justice League was created a thousand years ago? Ulises Farinas has answered that question with a few clever pieces of art. Farinas’ pieces tell the story of how the Justice League was formed at the dawn of the 2nd Millennium under the leadership of the Super Man George of Lasia¬† and the mad King Gawain the Bruce, also known as King Batman. Farinas has created backstories for everyone of the major Justice League heroes and their archenemies. This re-imagining includes a Green Arrow who is almost quite literally Robin Hood, a monk with a green lantern and an Aquaman who fights against a time displaced pirate.

Check out the whole gallery and Farinas’ story over at Comics Alliance.