When the McCartneys Met Jack Kirby

Paul McCartney, member of the greatest rock band of all time. Jack Kirby, co-inventor of most of the Marvel Comics Universe and quite possibly the most important comic book artist ever. But did you know that these masters of their respective arts once met?

Well, you see McCartney & Wings’ 1975 record Venus & Mars features a song called “Magneto And Titanium Man.” The song was inspired by comics McCartney bought for his children while on holiday and tells a story of Marvel villains Magneto, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man planning a robbery. While Wings was touring in 1976, Kirby heard about the song and drew this sketch of Magneto making trouble for Paul and Linda McCartney and the rest of Wings. In return, McCartney gave Kirby tickets to a Wings concert where the former Beatle dedicated “Magneto and Titanium Man” to Kirby. After the show, the McCartneys met up with the king of comics.

Check out the Kirby Museum for photos of the historic meeting. A tip of the hat to Comic Book Legends Revealed for

A tip of the hat to Comic Book Legends Revealed for this story.

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