It’s Not Safe To Ride In The Bike Lane

Let’s say you live in New York City and you ride a bicycle. Conveniently, the city has provided you with lots bike lanes to ride in. However,  obstacles like double parked cars and construction equipment often wind up sitting in these bike lanes making it unsafe for bike riders to continue in the lane. Such is the story of cyclist Casey Neistat who had to briefly ride outside of the bike lane and was fined by a member of the NYPD for leaving the bike lane. Apparently New York City cops have a history of being assholes to bikers. After paying the $50 fine Neistat decided to make a video in which he complies with the “bike lane” laws and repeatedly crashes in to the obstacles in his path including one (not too) surprising obstacle at the end of the video.

About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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