MrWhaite’s Character Mash-Ups

English artist MrWhaite has a fun collection of film inspired artwork on his website. His pieces include animated neon signs inspired by famous film scenes, a series of movie character playing cards and even Han Solo doing jazz hands. However, the highlight of his work is a series of “character mash-ups” in which he takes several of an actor’s most famous roles and turn them into one unique character design. The collection includes Robert Downey Jr. (wearing Iron Man’s armor, Charlie Chaplin’s bowler and Sherlock Holmes’ pipe), Jim Carey (sporting Ace Ventura’s hair, The Riddler’s mask and Truman Burbank’s suitcase) and this amazing mix of Johnny Depp’s most notable roles.

Check out all of MrWhaite’s artwork here.


About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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