Most Frequently Used Letters Keyboard

Sculptor Mike Knuepfel wanted to create a sculpture that could double as an infograph. “I’ve been thinking about and exploring the idea of using 3d rapid prototyping techniques to create sculptural data visualizations.  One idea was to have elements or data of the sculpture represent the object itself.” After searching for an idea, Knuepfel came up with the idea of using a keyboard to display how often each letter is used. Interestingly, the weight of the taller keys caused the keyboard to tilt.

Check out Knuepfel’s website for more information on this piece.


About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

One Response to Most Frequently Used Letters Keyboard

  1. Tosha Lamber says:

    Hi, awesome article. I really love the artwork stuff. Thank you for sharing and giving us inspiration.

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