The Banksy of Bulgaria Strikes

In Sofia, Bulgaria there is a sculpture depicting the Soviet “liberation” of Bulgaria in 1944. Of course, when we say “liberation” we of course mean a Soviet led coup d’etat. The sculpture was put up in 1954 and despite the fall of the Soviet Union, the sculpture still stands to this day. Apparently the statue has served as a frequent target for anti-communist graffiti artists, but I believe the self-proclaimed “Banksy of Bulgaria” has created the best defacement of this propaganda sculpture. The Banksy of Bulgaria has transformed the Russian soldiers in to American icons such as Superman, Captain America and Ronald McDonald. The text tag below the monument translates to “in step with the times.”

So, is this a comment on a notion of American Imperialism, the fictional nature of the narrative presented on the monument or just a goofy remix of the original monument? Only the Banksy of Bulgaria knows for sure.

Thanks to io9 and Comics Alliance for this story.

About Michael Darling
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