A Brief History of Video Games on the Simpsons

One of the fascinating things about the Simpsons‘ never ending run is the ability of the show to trace the history of certain media trends. If you were to just watch a reel of the show’s movie and tv parodies, you’d get a pretty good feel for what was happening in Hollywood in any given year. Over at Complex.com, Peter Rubin has compiled a highly detailed look at the video games depicted on the show. The games include blocky 8-bit era boxing simulator Super Slugfest, extreme 90s fighting game Bonestorm and of course My Dinner With Andre: The Game.

Overall, it’s a pretty entertaining list and well worth checking out. However, there was one major omission from this game gallery and it’s one of the Simpsons‘ best: Lee Carvello’s Putting Challenge. But don’t you worry, because we did what Complex.com couldn’t and tracked down a video clip of that game. Anyway, check out the Complex.com list here.


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