U2 Invites Blind Fan Onstage

Regardless of what you think of u2, you’ve gotta admit they appreciate their fans. At a concert I attended five years ago, Bono spotted a teenage girl holding up a sign claiming she and her friends were an all girl U2 tribute band. So, during the encore, Bono invited the girls onstage to play any U2 song of their choice on U2’s instruments.

On Saturday night, July 2nd, U2 brought their U2360 tour to Nashville, Tennessee when Bono once again spotted a sign in the audience. The sign was held by Adam Bevell and it read “Blind Guitar Player.”  With a little help from security, Bono invited Bevell on to the stage to play a song, “All I Want Is You” from Rattle & Hum, which Bevell dedicated to his wife.

This wonderful performance begins with Bevell accompanying Bono on one of the band’s acoustic guitars, but soon the rest of U2 joins in. After playing with the band, Bevell got to keep the guitar. Said Bevell of the experience, “”It was the greatest feeling knowing that I was playing with the greatest rock star in the world but he didn’t make me feel like that at all, he made me feel like we were in our living room.”

Check out the whole performance here:


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