Wooden Table With Marble Tracks

When I was a child I had a set of plastic marble tracks that you could connect to create unusual paths for marbles to traverse down. I’m sure that Dutch designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders must have had similar toys when they were kids. In 2009, Wierink and Beunders created a one of a kind table that contains semi-hidden marble tracks. From a distance this table looks like a pretty standard table that someone’s carved crazy patterns in to. But upon closer examination, it becomes obvious that these curves and circles are for marble pats. As Beunders explains:

We invented these functional woodcarvings. It is decoration you can play with. They applied woodcarvings in a piece of furniture that combines the world of adults with the world of the children.

Check out photos of the “Marbelous” table at the design duo’s website and view video of the table in use here.


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