The Live Action Simpsons Opening

The Simpsons opening credit sequence is one of the most iconic tv title sequences ever. So naturally, this has led to parody throughout the pop culture world (and even on the show itself).  In 2006, British satellite television channel Sky1 created a live action take on The Simpsons‘ credit sequence to promote the show. This clip is almost identical to the classic animated opening sequence and features real life versions of the Simpsons along with background appearances by Moe, Mr. Burns, Milhouse and other notable Springfield residents. However, as this was created in England, there are some amusing British changes, such as the appearance of “Constable” Wiggam and Marge’s car being right hand drive. The creators of The Simpsons were so impressed with the opening that they actually used it as the opening of the Ricky Gervais penned  episode “Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife” in 2006.

So, why not check out this clever British remake of an American classic?


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