Gollum, the Ring Bearer

The internet has informed me that Four Weddings is an Australian reality-competition show where four brides to be attend each others’ weddings and then vote on whose wedding was the best. By all accounts, it’s pretty trashy. However, this show has one saving grace: a wedding featuring a surprise appearance from The Lord of the Ring‘s Gollum. Gollum served as the ring bearer, naturally, and was strangely okay with handing over the “preciouses”

Now, the Gollum bit is amusing, but the real fun comes from how the three other brides react to the ring bearer’s arrival. These three women are absolutely offended by how the “gargoyle” (as one mistakenly calls Gollum) has ruined the wedding-a wedding I might add isn’t even theirs…So, to review, selling out your wedding for a reality show is okay, but if the bride and groom decide to throw in a bit of Dada humor, well, that’s not right.

About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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