Sit-Com Paper Dolls

As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, Parks and Recreation may just be the best comedy on television right now. Similarly, Arrested Development is easily the best tv comedy of the past decade. So, it’s only natural that these two shows would be united through the medium of paper dolls. Yes, paper dolls, the poor/arts & crafts lovin’ man’s doll. Well, artist Kyle Hilton has taken this somewhat maligned form and made them cool with the help of the characters from Arrested and Parks and Rec.

Each of Hilton’s dolls feature stylized takes on the characters from his favorite shows along with some of the character’s most famous outfits and props. Buster Bluth comes with military fatigues and a “loose seal,” Ron Swanson comes with a turkey leg wrapped in bacon and Tom Haverford comes with the legendary DJ Roomba. There’s even a special edition “Blue Tobias” figure. Hilton’s work has actually gotten some attention in Hollywood, as Brian Cranston has seen and enjoyed the paper doll kit for his Breaking Bad character Walter White.

So, check out all of Hilton’s paper dolls at his tumblr site here. Hilton releases a new doll every Wednesday, so make sure to visit weekly to see new dolls. In the meantime, why not print up a few of the paper doll kits and create that Arrested Development/Parks and Recreation/Breaking Bad crossover you always dreamed of?


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