The Saul Bass Star Wars Credits

A film’s opening credit sequence is perhaps the least celebrated element of cinema.  A movie’s opening credit sequence can set the mood for the ensuing film, however no one ever talks about it. There’s an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design, but there’s no cinematic equivalent. In fact, how many title sequence designers can you name?

Chances are that if you managed to name someone, it was Saul Bass. For those of you unfamiliar with Bass, he’s responsible for some of the best credit sequences of all time including three of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films. In his forty year career, Bass created a couple dozen movie posters and title sequences and even a few corporate logos that you probably see every day. There’s even a tumblr theme based on Bass’ style. In fact, Bass’ iconic angular title sequences have become so tied to the image of the early ’60s that ’60s set tv shows and films have aped Bass’ style for their title sequences.

But enough about what Bass actually created/inspired, what about a movie he wasn’t involved in? Yes, Bass may have created the credits for several famous films, but what if he created the titles for Star Wars? Well, you can stop wondering because Youtuber bhilmers has created this wonderful Bassesque title sequence for the first Star Wars film. Check it out.

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