The First Colbert Super PAC Ad Is Out!

A few months back, satirist Stephen Colbert established a Super PAC (Political Action Committee) to point out the absurdities of actual American campaign law. As a Super PAC, Colbert’s organization can give politicians and political causes limitless amounts of money without disclosing the source or amount of the Super PAC money. Meanwhile, right now in Iowa on the eve of the Ames Straw Poll other Super PACs are running ads endorsing Texas Governor Rick Perry who hasn’t actually announced that he’s running for the Republican presidential nomination yet.

So, upon seeing this, Colbert has decided to get in the act and his Super PAC has now released its first ad. The Super PAC, now known as “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” released this ad which has run on Iowa television stations endorsing Rick Parry. Yes, that’s Parry with an A. Apparently, the goal is to steal some of Perry’s thunder with a simple misspelling. For more information on the Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow visit the Super PAC’s website.


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