Cookie Monster Is Tom Waits

At first one would think Cookie Monster and Tom Waits wouldn’t have much in common. One’s a Muppet, the other’s a songwriter. One has googly eyes, the other barely shows his eyes. But, they’re both singers with notoriously gravely voices, they’re both internationally recognized pop philosophers and now there’s a video that combines the best of Messrs. Waits and Monster. A Youtube user going by the nom de vidéo cookiewaits has created a great video showcasing Cookie Monster lip syncing and dancing to Waits’ song “God’s Away On Business” from the 2002 album Blood Money. Waits’ voice sounds perfect coming out of Cookie Monster’s mouth, which now raises the question of whether Cookie Monster and Tom Waits could possibly be the same person? I’ve never seen them in the same place, have you?


About Michael Darling
Collector of the interesting and absurd.

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