Disney and Dali’s “Destino”

The legendary Spanish artist Salvador Dali considered Walt Disney one of the few surrealists in Hollywood. In 1945, Dali and Disney met and dreamt up an idea for a short collaboration which would be in the vain of Disney’ 1940 film Fantasia. For months, Disney artist John Hence worked with Dali on storyboards for the short, now known as Destino. However, eventually the project was put on the back burner with nothing to show for it except for seventeen seconds of animation.

In 1999, while working on Fantasia 2000, Disney’s nephew Roy E. Disney came across the abandoned project and made it his mission to see it to completion. With Henche’s help, a team of twenty-five animators attempted to make sense of Hence and Dali’s storyboards. Destino was finally released in 2003, sixty-five years after production began.

The finished product is a mix of traditional and computer animation which incorporates the seventeen seconds created in 1945. This surreal film tells the story of a doomed love between Chronos, the God of Time, and a mortal woman. It’s beautiful, trippy and classic Dali.


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