Jack Kirby’s Julius Caesar

In his work on Marvel Comics’ Thor, legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby had developed a certain flair for creating images of otherworldly regalness.  So, in 1969 when the Univeristy of California at Santa Cruz’s University Theatre Company contacted Marvel Comics and asked if one of Marvel’s artists would be interested in designing costumes for a production of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, it was only natural that Stan Lee would suggest “King Kirby.” Kirby leapt at the opportunity and designed the costumes and other imagery for the production for free. The costumes, like Caeasar’s military uniform seen at right, are classic Kirby and some, such as the armored Garrison Soldier resemble concepts he would later use in the 1970s when he created DC Comics’ Fourth World.

For more costume sketches, art and photographs of the production, check out the Jack Kirby Museum’s page on the 1969 production of Julius Caeasar.

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