Every “Baby” and “Crazy” in Britney Spears’ Discography

Over her twelve year career in the record industry, Britney Spears has uttered the words “baby” and “crazy” a lot. Don’t believe me? Well, youtuber Adam Goldman created this supercut that contains every use of those two words. Now, you may say this is just a bit silly, but Jamieson Cox uses this video to make several points about the record industry. As an example, Cox says:

This video might be the purest representation of the sea change in American pop that occurred in the mid-to-late 2000s, namely the industry’s whole-hearted embrace of Eurohouse thump and skronkier production. The arrangements Britney used at the start of her career sound absolutely primitive compared to the adventurous electro of Femme Fatale; of course, that shift coincided with her transformation into a pure producer plaything.

Check out the rest of Cox’s write up about the “baby”/”crazy” video here.


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2 Responses to Every “Baby” and “Crazy” in Britney Spears’ Discography

  1. Adam Goldman says:

    Hey Michael!
    Glad you like the video! I love Jamieson Cox’s analysis as well, but he didn’t make the video – I did! Look under the video’s info to confirm if you like.
    Just a little correction. Happy Thursday!

  2. Michael Darling says:

    Hi Adam, thanks for visiting and great work on this clip. I’ve updated the information accordingly.

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