Elvis Costello and Elmo

Elvis Costello’s 1977 single “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes” is one of the great bitter break up songs in the pop music canon. I doubt that when Costello wrote it, he thought that he’d one day sing it on a children’s tv program. Well, flashforward 34 years later and here’s the former Declan MacManus performing a rewrite of “Red Shoes” on Sesame Street. Costello visited the Street a couple of weeks ago and dueted with Elmo on “A Monster Went And Ate My Red 2.” This new version of Costello’s classic hit tells the story of how he was so excited to count to ten until Cookie Monster came along and ate the red number 2. Elmo appears to help his friend “Mr. Elvis” with his problems, while wearing an adorable Muppet-sized version of Costello’s classic hat and glasses.

You know, between this; co-starring in Stephen Colbert’s Christmas special, his music themed talk show Spectacle and almost 35 years worth of amazing music, Elvis Costello continues to be one of the coolest guys on the planet.


David Lynch’s Dirty Dancing

David Lynch is known for his distinctly dark surrealistic visions of America. So, what would happen if Lynch directed the 1987 slumber party classic Dirty Dancing? Youtube user kaflickastan thinks it might look a little like the video featured here. This re-edited trailer features such Lynchian hallmarks as cut up and slowed down voices and creepy appropriations of old pop songs. It wasn’t until I watched this video that I realized how similar Kellerman’s Resort and the Black Lodge were.

Bert and Ernie Jack-O-Lanterns

With All Hallow’s Eve fast approaching, I’m sure many of you have your Jack-O-Lantern all carved up and ready for the arrival of trick or treaters on Monday. Now, every October the internet is flooded with photos of clever pop culture pumpkin carvings, most of which are pretty fantastic. However, I think that Flickr user Angie Naron found the best pair of pumpkins ever back in 2009: pumpkins resembling everyone’s favorite Muppet roommates, Bert and Ernie. Really, all that’s missing from this is a rubber ducky.


Rubik’s Juggling

Amongst the myriad of talents I don’t have are being able to solve the Rubik’s Cube and being able to juggle. Naturally, when I came across this clip I was quite impressed. For you see, David Calvo is a man who can not only solve the cube and juggle, but he can do both simultaneously! As seen in this video, Calvo can juggle two finished Rubik’s Cubes with one hand while using the other to solve a third cube. Congratulations People of the Internet (specifically Mr. Calvo),  you’ve really impressed me this time.

Another Fantastic Local News Story

Local news is on average pretty bad, but sometimes something happens that brings us a gem like this clip.

The 2011 World Series Mayoral Bet

There’s no prouder political tradition than the mayoral sports championship bet. Yes, it’s a long standing tradition that the mayors of the two cities represented in the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals or Stanley Cup Finals make a friendly wager between each other. Typically, this will involve the mayor of the city represented by the losing team has to send the winning city’s mayor a local food item or some other relevant thing.

So, what did the mayors of Saint Louis and Arlington, Texas put up for the World Series bet? If the Rangers lose, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck has promised to send St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay several Nolan Ryan Steaks, which are the “Official Beef of the Texas Rangers.” Should the Cardinals lose the Series, Mayor Slay will send his Arlington counterpart a big St. Louis feast:

  • Pi pizza
  • Schlafly beer
  • Pappy’s BBQ
  • Gooey butter cake from Park Avenue Coffee
  • Chocolate from Crown Candy Kitchen
  • A CD of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

As of this moment, the Rangers are up three games to two on the Cardinals, so it looks like Mayor Cluck should prepare to enjoy a few of St. Louis’ culinary delights. For more info on this year’s mayoral bet and a bonus Congressional bet, head on over to St. Louis Public Radio.

A Field Guide to Famous Vampires

With Halloween just a week away, it’s essential that you know how to recognize different types of vampires. Conveniently, artist Ben Douglas has created this handy guide to identifying twelve different famous vampires, ranging from the cereal mascot to the shiny heartthrob.Would you stake any of them?